Private classes

Maximizing your potential in BJJ

It’s all about systematizing your game”

Systematizing your BJJ game means organizing and structuring the techniques and strategies that you use in BJJ training and competition in a logical and efficient manner. This involves creating a plan or roadmap for your training, breaking down your game into specific areas and constantly analyzing and adjusting your approach to improve your overall performance.
Systematizing your BJJ game will help you become more effective and efficient in your training and competition, and can also help you stay organized and focused as you work towards your goals under my guidance.

What is included in all private classes?

  • Warming up
  • Practicing techniques
  • Applying newly learned techniques under resistance
  • Filming the techniques
  • Time for questions

Prices (incl. btw)

1 class4 classes8 classes
*bringing 1 training buddy is free, every additional person is €10 extra

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BTW: NL004266223B61

NL19 ABNA 0111 4945 40
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